Transmedia / Platform for Aeronautics and Transport

Project Leader: Multitel
Partners : FPMs Telecom, Sirris, ULg Intelsig

Open platform integrating sensors, technological components and systems of detection, measurement and recognition for the quality control, maintenance and monitoring of structure and infrastructure in the industry and in the transport and aeronautics sectors.

The objective of TRANSMEDIA is to develop an open technological platform with middleware that will offer the following elements:

  • Libraries of signal processing (sound, laser profiles) and processing (or imaging) of 2D and 3D images for the detection, identification or recognition of shapes, structures and events, and for datamining;
  • Integration of intelligent sensors, isolated or in networks;
  • Secure wired or wireless communication between the sensors and with the system;
  • Possibility of using generic middleware modules (SOAP, Java RMI, etc.);
  • Management of events and contents resulting from detections and measurements (e.g. indexed databases);
  • Portability and capacity of embedding in low-cost platforms ;
  • Techniques for manual and automatic calibrations of sensors.

Examples of applications:

  • Monitoring and automatic layout of railway structures and infrastructures by means of optical fibres, lasers and/or cameras, obstacle detection for the mapping of routes;
  • Monitoring of the mechanical structures of aircraft parts, detection of micro-cracks (Bragg gratings and optical fibres), non-destructive tests for the control of composite materials ;
  • Traffic analysis for road safety or for logistics and transport by means of camera, stereoscopy, optical fibres or lasers ;
  • Automatic inspection of production lines, measurement of particular parameters (analysis of shapes, interferometry, use of artificial vision techniques applied to production problems…) ;
  • Setting up of Intelligent Video Surveillance systems in buildings.