Tracemedia / platform for traceability

Project leader : Multitel
Partners: FPMs SEMI, FUCAM, ULG Microsys, MUWAC

Effective multimodal platform relating to technologies for the identification, tracking and localizing of objects, people or vehicles for the traceability, security and management of assets.

Tracemedia has two main objectives :

  • The development of a high-performance and multimodal platform for the capture of data coming from sensor networks whilst offering an applicative middleware layer for the pretreatment, fusion, classification and retrieving of data ;
  • The integration of a module for the flow management and optimization providing support in decision making regarding information data relating to traceability in contexts such as production, automation, asset management, or in the fields of transport, logistics, industrial production and health.

Examples of applications

  • Development of an integrated, shared and low-cost platform for the tracking and precise localization of objects by passive-active RFID in an open and unconstrained logistic warehouse ;
  • Multimodal system for access control (intelligent cameras, RF sensors…) ;
  • Module for the precise localizing and guiding of active assets in open environments ;
  • Optimization of the production processes by optimizing physical flows of manufactured goods (using RFID technologies) on a production site.