Intermedia/ Platform for distributed heterogeneous data acquisition and management

Project leader : Multitel
Partners : FPMs-TCTS

Development of a middleware platform dedicated to the creation, management, fusion, and presentation of multimedia content enhanced by heterogeneous sensors, making use of speech-centric multimodal interfaces thanks to web interfaces, land/mobile phone mobile and automobile interfaces.

This platform answers a need for convergence between three areas of expertise: indexation, acquisition and output of heterogeneous data.

Examples of applications :

  • Creation of an integrated and embedded middleware for multimedia access (image, music, messaging and telephony) operating a speech-centric multimodal interface in a motor vehicle;
  • Call centre platform integrating VoIP and video for natural access to personal social data ;
  • Integrated audiovisual data search system for dedicated professional use ;
  • Integrated tool for the creation and management of enhanced cartography ;
  • Interactive portal to access audiovisual content, with the possibility to link sequences and to search archives with a mobile device;
  • A semi-supervised classification software for client profiles based on heterogeneous data (text, video, operation history, payment history …).