Envimedia/ Platform for health and environment

Project leader : Multitel
Partners : Centexbel, FPMs Telecom, ULg Intelsig
Open platform integrating lasers, sensors, technological components and systems for the detection, measurement and recognition for air quality monitoring, noise pollution monitoring, healthcare monitoring of the elderly at home, imaging and medical care.

Envimedia includes four main lines :

Remote sensing

This thematic concerns the development of Lidar detection systems with application in air quality monitoring (amount of particles or detection of pollutants). Such systems allow the measurement of the amount of aerosols in the air or the presence of molecules such as CO2 (using a laser in the infrared domain).


This part of the project deals with the development of multi-sensing systems for the measurement of noise pollution and vibrations, as well as for the monitoring of road traffic (identification of the type, amount, speed of vehicles, etc.) by means of camera, laser, integrated sensors (dynamic measurement such as “Weight in Motion” or “geotextile” type);

Smart textiles

This priority consists in the integration of sensors in textile for tests of comfort for the textile industry, as well as health care monitoring at home. Those smart textiles have applications both in the medical and professional domains. The integration of sensors of different nature (optical, optoelectronic or electronic) in textiles, linked with the use of advanced methods of imaging using camera, of data fusion, of signal processing and speech synthesis will allow the creation of a device that would be widely wearable and extremely effective in many applications;

Imaging and medical applications using fibre lasers

This action line aims at implementing a platform using new technologies based on fibre lasers for the analysis of biological tissues (optical tomography with large band fibre laser), for microsurgery (by means of short laser pulses in the infrared domain) and for dermatology (with high power laser emitting in the visible spectrum).