3D-media / Open platform for the production, the processing and the exploitation of rich audiovisual content, with a specific focus on HD-TV and digital cinema.

Project leader : Multitel
Partners : UCL (TELE), FPMs (TCTS), ULg Intelsig
3D-media relies on an active partnership with industrial companies.

The project has three main objectives, which are:

  • to achieve a major technological and diversified breakthrough in the audiovisual field, especially in 3D media, that could best benefit to the Walloon industrial actors,
  • to develop and manage a technological platform to be distributed over Mons, Louvain-la-Neuve and Liege,
  • to promote a long-term structuring of the research in Wallonia in that field.

In practice, 3D-mediaA aims at achieving innovative technological projects with the industry which would allow developing advanced applications covering the whole life cycle of the multimedia content (see picture):

  • The input : I.e. the acquisition and production of audiovisual content, and particularly of 3D stereoscopic content
  • The processing, which includes
    • the storage and the intelligent archiving based both on meta-data and on the content itself
    • content incrustation
    • the distribution, comprising also coding and scrambling
  • The output, including content projection and display, as well as the immersion of human beings in those processes.

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